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Weird Times (Live in Quarantine)

by Paco Higdon

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A rousing socially distant "live" performance of "Weird Times", a brand new Paco Higdon original song!


I’ve been alone with my thoughts
for a little bit longer than I care to admit
but I swear to commit myself
to the pursuit of learning the truth
cuz I need a little proof  of how to improve
a state of emergency
there’s too many bees buzzing in the hive mind
you might find it doesn’t even have a queen
but never mind entomology cuz etymology is my theology
word is bond literally
There’s no I in team, but there’s an I in conspiracy, not to mention cons and piracy 
See? Pretty sure we agree that we’ve been stolen from and lied to, but by whom, how’d’ya choose whose side you

Take digging through the hooplah
should I listen to the news? nah
look at other points of views, 
I’m beginning to get confused, there oughta be a better way to
see eye to eye for a change
skip a couple chapters gettin on the same page
so think alike, great minds
fools seldom differ in these weird times

Alright so where do we even start
Hah, please, I got more time than I know what to do with 
but truth is even I don’t have that kind of 
patience I’m way more complacent placing the proper cadences on wave after wave of quotations of my own creation so my dedication to my educations an exaggeration am I lazy or just goin crazy now?

Well let’s break it down

I gotta
practice what I preach a little
more in order to teach a little
lesson on how you should lead a little
(weird, weird times)
but it just hasn’t been a priority, so I
don’t deserve any authority if I’m
no better than the majority, don’tcha think?
(weird, weird times)
we all made this bed that we’re layin on, so to 
level the field that we’re playin’ on do we
focus on what has been weighing on all our
brains, I’m just sayin

One man’s incarceration
is another man’s vacation
does this call for celebration or 
isolation, por que no los dos?
mutual exclusivity
stems from a lack of creativity
nevertheless a single word 
defines what we all concur with

These are weird times
Weird times 
Weird times we’ve been living in weird times

Weird times
think of growing a beard times
say goodbye to career times
kinda governed by fear times
unclear times
throw me another beer times
watch it all disappear times
Weird times

I won’t tell you what to do
but tell me what’s so wrong with you
looking out for number one
by one, by one, and then there were none

Didn’t mean to bring the mood down, I
oughta adjust my attitude now
gotta stop dropping all my screws
how’d they ever get so loose, 
I get a bit of peace knowing everybody else in the same boat
second guessing whether we float, 
I get the sense it’s gonna be just fine, 
but the population’s pretty dense, in these

Weird times
Weird times 
Weird times we’ve been living in weird times

Weird times
What is happening here times
Stalled out in neutral gear times 
Sick of shedding a tear times
Severe times
guess this isn’t my year times
is the end even near times
Weird times


released June 17, 2020
Paco Higdon - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Blaize Collard - Drums
Jamey Bostek - Trumpet
Jonathan Napper - Saxophone
Kaitlin Sarnacki - Vocals
Mark Chandler - Electric Guitar
Ryan Yunck - Keyboard
Tom Phillips - Bass

Written, arranged, mixed, and edited by Paco Higdon


all rights reserved



Paco Higdon Michigan

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